Keep kids entertained with these outdoor activities

Published: 09/04/2020

Looking for ways to keep the kids entertained at home? 

This is second in our series of activities for children of all ages to do during lockdown.

While we are lucky enough to have the sun shining down upon us, it is nice to be in the garden as much as possible.

Here are our fun outdoor activities for you and your nanny to get stuck into with the kids:


1.  Building an animal den:

Make a den or nest for animals from branches and leaves.

What you will need: collect some bark, twigs, leaves and whatever else you can find to build with around your garden. You will also need a piece of string.

Take three twigs or pieces of bark and tie them at the top to form a tepee like shape.

Once secured, build up the walls with twigs and bark.

Create a carpet with some leaves and decorate it with some multi-coloured leaves and flowers to attract all the bugs and animals.


2.  Plant potting:

Grow your own flowers, vegetables or fruit.

What you will need: a small pot (or anything else for planting in), soil, some seeds and water.

Fill up the pot two thirds with soil.

Place the seed or multiple seeds on the soil.

Cover them with the remaining soil.

Give them a water.

Wait and watch them grow and don’t forget to keep watering them!


3.  Mud pies:

Welcome to the mud kitchen, this is a messy one!

What you will need: a big pot, mud and water.

Put your mud into the pot and add a little water if it is on the dry side.

Mush it all up with your hands.

Take out a handful and form a pie shape.

Do this with the remaining mud.

Now they are ready to serve (yum!).


4.  Obstacle course:

It is totally up to you what you want to build it with, but here are some ideas: a crate, football, net, pole, chair, tennis racket…

Position the different objects in a circuit around the garden. Some of them can be for jumping over, others for throwing, hitting or going under.

If you just have one child, they can race against themselves and try and beat their own time. If you have multiple children, race against each other. Maybe you will even want to have a go yourself!

5.  Scavenger hunt:

You can adapt this to whatever you have around your garden. Make a list of different things and go around trying to find them.

Here are some ideas: something red, 3 sticks, a green leaf, a stone, a watering can, some mud, a yellow flower, a ball, 10 blades of grass, something you love to play with, a piece of rubbish you can recycle, something that is heavy, an item smaller than your thumb, something that starts with “M”, something that smells good.

6.  See, smell, hear and feel:

This can be done anywhere! It is great to engage with the world around us through all our senses. Ask each other: What can you see, smell, hear and feel?

Try and think of one for each sense.


7. Twig letters:

What you will need: some twigs or sticks, all different sizes.

One person chooses a letter of the alphabet and the other person (or people) need to make it using their sticks. If there’s a group of you it can be a race – winner chooses the next letter.

8.  Water painting:

Who said painting needs to make a mess? Water painting allows you to be creative and maybe even come away cleaner than you were before.

What you will need: a squeezy water bottle filled up with water and a patio or driveway.

Find a dry bit of concrete or paving stone and squeeze your bottle to form pictures and patterns with water.


9. Object race:

Time to get competitive!

One person must choose an item that can be found in the garden and everyone else must race to find it. The winner is the person who brings it back quickest.

Like with the twig letters, the winner can become the person who chooses the next item for everyone to find.

You can find all our activity videos and more on our YouTube channel.

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