Fertility Facts – True or False?

Published: 06/04/2023

Looking through the myths surrounding fertility.

Egg freezing will cause me to go into menopause quicker. - This is false

Every month small follicles are recruited onto your ovary. Only 1 or 2 of these follicles will develop and ovulate. The remaining will regress and die. It is the loss of these follicles every month that then leads to menopause. Egg freezing aims to target the small follicles that you have growing that month that would otherwise have died.

Taking the contraceptive pill will affect my fertility -  Neither true nor false.

After stopping the contraceptive pill it can take 3-6 months for your cycle to go back to normal (for example regular periods with ovulation). If it takes longer than this, then it is likely that the pill was masking a hormonal imbalance. The pill itself does not affect fertility.

Irregular periods means you can’t get pregnant- This is False

Irregular periods means that you may have a hormonal imbalance, with the right investigations and treatment pregnancy is possible.

Fertility issues cannot happen if you are young – This is False

Yes fertility issues are more common the older you get however, young adults experience them too.

My overall health doesn’t impact my fertility  - This is False

Overall health is a big factor in fertility, living a healthy balanced lifestyle is optimal.

Certain sex position will increase my chance of getting pregnant- This is false

It has not yet been proven that sexual position improves chances of conception.

Male fertility does not decline with age- This is False

There is a big emphasis on Women fertility declining with age. But men’s fertility does as well.

If you conceived your first time very easily, you will do so again. – This is False

Your second time trying to conceive can take longer than your first time.

Laptops can affect your sperm. – This is true

The heat generated from the laptop can affect the quality of sperm. Avoid placing laptops on your lap.

Too much coffee affects my chances of conceiving – This is a true

Too much coffee has been linked to fertility issues and early miscarriage – still to 1 coffee a day or the equivalent of 2 espresso shots.

Saliva is a fertility friendly lubricant -This is False

Most lubricants kill sperm, saliva included. Avoid this if trying to conceive.

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