A Parents' Ultimate Guide to Baby Sleep and Routine

Published: 11/12/2020

At myTamarin we know that a new baby, while the most exhilarating thing in the world, can also be the most exhausting too. We also know that, especially in 2020, not everyone has been able to access the support that they need - which is why we consulted with our expert newborn help team of night nannies, sleep consultants, lactation specialists and maternity nurses to compose the parents’ ultimate guide to baby sleep and routine. 

Chapter 1: How to care for a newborn baby

In the first part of our guide we cover your baby’s first hours and days, with advice on baby sleep, breastfeeding, newborn feeding advice, baby routines, tips on comforting your baby and more.

Chapter 2: The first two weeks with a newborn baby

Chapter 2 focuses on the first 2 weeks with your newborn and covers feeding, establishing your baby’s routine, newborn sleep advice and tips on soothing your baby.

Chapter 3: A guide to your baby’s body

This instalment focuses on your baby’s body and includes topics such as your baby’s fontanelle, their eyes, spots & blemishes on babies, newborn ears, how to spot and deal with tongue tie and more.

Chapter 4: Caring for your newborn baby at 2-8 weeks

We look at baby sleep and baby routine as your baby reaches 2 to 8 weeks old.

Chapter 5: Caring for your newborn baby at 2-4 months

This section focuses on babies at 2-4 months old, their physical and mental development, sleep, bedtime routines, as well as information on keeping active, immunisations and managing your mental wellbeing.

Chapter 6: Caring for your baby at 4-6 months

All you need to know about your 4-6 month old baby’s physical and mental development, sleep, teething and weaning.

Chapter 7: Caring for your baby at 6-12 months

As your baby approaches their first birthday, we look at their physical and mental development, mobility (crawling), sleep, social development, feeding and teething.

Chapter 8: Wind, colic and reflux in babies

The final section of our guide focuses on wind, colic, reflux and silent reflux in babies.

If you have decided that residential support is right for you, sign up today to be matched with the newborn expert for you. Alternatively, if you are looking for online newborn support (recommended to new parents by Harper’s Bazaar), read about the newborn online help we can offer you today.

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