What gift can I get my nanny for Christmas this year?

Published: 30/11/2020

Christmas 2020 is swiftly approaching, which means visits to Santa, tree decorations, and of course, presents! At myTamarin, we survey nannies every year about their favourite Xmas gifts to help parents decide what to buy for their nanny. We work with thousands of nannies and, after spearheading a poll asking them what gifts they’ve received for Christmas in the past and what they hope to get from their employers this year, we are excited to share our findings to help parents decide what gifts to buy their nannies this year.

We’ll share the best ideas for gifts that nannies have received from their employers in the past, including luxury products, gift vouchers, chocolate and alcohol, as well as gift experiences that nannies have been given by the families they work for. 

Wondering whether you should give your nanny cash rather than a physical gift this Christmas? We’ve got you covered, from how many nannies receive in cash, to how much parents typically give. 

Not sure whether your nanny should be getting a bonus? Just under 40% of nannies received a bonus last year, despite 95% of nannies polled saying they would like to receive a bonus at Christmas.

Finally, we look at how gifts have changed over the years, with nannies in recent years expressing a preference for thoughtful and personalised gifts. 

Nannies are ultimately looking for evidence that their employers appreciate them, with even small gifts expressing gratitude being gratefully received.

Most popular gifts for nannies at Christmas

In a typical year, about 80% of nannies will receive some sort of a gift from a family they work for. These gifts for nannies fall into four main categories: self-care products, gift vouchers, chocolate and alcohol, and experiences.

Self-care products for nannies

Self-care and pampering products were the most popular gift for nannies in 2019, with 40%+ of nannies receiving gifts of this category. The most popular gifts listed included:

  • Perfume
  • Cosy clothes, such as cashmere sweaters, hats, scarves and gloves
  • Cosmetics, such as facial kits, bath sets and make-up

Other luxury products received by nannies are an Alexa, a personalised apron, a personalised coffee cup, a Burberry bomber jacket, iPhone 7, airpods and a Yves Saint-Laurent lipstick featuring on the list. 

Gift vouchers for nannies

Gift vouchers were a slightly less popular gift for nannies last year, with 10% of nannies receiving this gift from parents. However, more than a quarter of nannies are expressing their preference for receiving a gift voucher for Christmas this year. Most popular gift vouchers among nannies tend to be John Lewis, Zara, and Primark.

Chocolate and alcohol

Chocolate and alcohol completed the most popular gifts for nannies, with 15% of nannies receiving an edible gift last year. The most popular gift within this category is Prosecco, although wine and champagne were also gifted to nannies. However, check your nanny’s preferences before purchasing; one nanny gratefully recounted how the families she worked with never got her alcohol as they knew she did not drink.

Gift experiences for nannies at Christmas

Although nannies appreciate all gifts they receive, some gifts are more memorable than others. 20% of nannies cited experience-based gifts as the best present they had ever received from an employer, with tickets to Wicked, a meal for 2 at a Gordon Ramsay restaurant and a flight to New York making the list. For a more affordable experience, try (virtual) wine tasting or a spa experience.  

Cash and bonuses for nannies at Christmas

If you’re thinking your nanny may prefer to receive cash and/or a bonus this year, you might be wondering what is customary to give. Cash is usually given alongside presents, with nannies receiving between £30-£100 to treat themselves with. 

On top of gifts, bonuses were received by 40% of nannies in 2019. However, 94% of nannies polled said that they would like to receive an end of year bonus from their employer.

Nannies who had received a bonus from their employers had received anything between £100 to £5000, although the most common amounts were between 1-2 weeks’ salary. 

The best Christmas gifts for nannies

However, parents do not need to splash out to make their nanny’s Christmas memorable; rather, what matters to nannies is that they feel a part of the family. One nanny cited wanting to receive “something thoughtful from the children this year”, with another saying “I personally would like something handmade by the kids.”

Nannies also value gifts that show the parents had put a lot of thought into the gifts that they gave. One nanny fondly recalled the gifts they had received over the years: “A previous boss knew I had a passion for cooking and bought me a lovely omelette pan and measuring spoons” and “she was shopping and spotted a lipstick with a cat design and, as she knew I love cats, she bought it as a gift for me.”

Other thoughtful gifts that stand out to nannies include flights to their home countries, a bracelet with two charms on it to represent the twin girls they were looking after, and money for a cosmetic surgery. 

Changes in nanny gifts over the decades

Over time, the trend suggests that gifts have become less about the quantity of gifts the nanny receives and now more about the quality. One nanny anecdotally recounted how “nannies working for bankers in London during the early 2000s often received bonuses in excess of £10,000.” While in more recent years nannies typically receive between 1-2 weeks’ salary as a bonus, some parents are more thoughtful about the amount they give; for instance, a couple of nannies recounted how they had received enough money to book a flight home to spend Christmas with the family. 

One thing remains consistent across the years - nannies see Christmas as the time of year for parents to show their nannies how much they appreciate them. Even a small gift can be the difference between whether or not a nanny chooses to stay with the family. One nanny shared “when I haven’t received something, it really does make me think they don’t care about what we do, and it makes me think about moving on to a new job.” This reinforces the importance of knowing your nanny, making sure the nanny-parent match is there in the first place. Some gifts are entirely free; one nanny remarked “having a surprise early finish or starting an hour or two later is a delicious treat that can’t be measured in monetary terms!”

How about you give yourself the gift of a nanny for the winter break? If so, learn more at myTamarin or sign up with us today Happy holidays!

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