The 2021 Guide to nanny Christmas gifts and bonuses

Published: 10/12/2021

With the festive season in full swing we are all looking forward to the Christmas we didn’t quite have last year. That means mince pies, decking the halls and of course, presents!

We conduct an annual survey asking nannies what they hope to see under the tree as well as what they have been given in previous years. This year we received a record number of responses and we are here to share our findings with you.

Stuck on whether or not to give your nanny a bonus, or how much it should be? We’ve got that covered too!

Most common gifts for nannies at Christmas

Through our research over the years we have found that on average 80% of nannies get some form of gift from their employers. Last year the main ones fell into the following categories: food and drink, self-care products, luxury items and gift vouchers.

Food and drink

Food and drink was the most common gift for nannies in 2020, with over 40% of nannies receiving an edible gift last year as some or all of their present. The most popular gifts within this category are chocolates and wine, although prosecco, champagne, gin and panettone were also received.

Self-care products for nannies

Self-care and pampering products were a close second, with almost 40% of nannies receiving gifts in this category. The most popular included:

  • Perfume
  • Scented candles and aromatherapy sets
  • Cosy clothes, such as luxury pajamas
  • Cosmetics, such as facial kits, bath sets and make-up

One nanny even received a nutritionist consultation.

Luxury items

Next in was luxury items. This includes a whole range of things such as a Gucci belt and trainers, jewellery, an Apple watch, airpods,  an Alexa, a Nespresso coffee machine, portable speaker and designer bags.

Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers were a slightly less popular gift for nannies last year, with 5% of nannies receiving this gift from parents. Most popular gift vouchers among nannies tend to be for John Lewis or a restaurant. Although last year less nannies received gift vouchers, they are one of the most popular things amongst nannies to receive.

Cash and bonuses for nannies at Christmas

If you’re thinking your nanny may prefer to receive cash and/or a bonus this year, you might be wondering what is customary to give. Cash is usually given alongside other presents, with nannies receiving between £40-£100 to treat themselves.

On top of gifts, bonuses were received by 50% of nannies in 2020 (an increase compared to around 40% last year), while 90% of nannies polled said that they would like to receive an end of year bonus.

Nannies who had received a bonus from their employers had received anything from £100 up, although the most common amounts were between 1-2 weeks’ salary. Some nannies received a months’ salary. Longevity is typically reflected in a bonus; the longer the nanny stays the more likely it is she will receive a bonus.

Some acknowledge it should depend on the nanny's performance and they shouldn’t automatically assume a bonus.

The best Christmas gifts for nannies

Research aside, parents do not need to splash out in order to make their nanny feel appreciated; rather, what matters to nannies is that they feel like a valued part of the family. Many nannies cited wanting to receive a thoughtful gift from the children. One nanny said the best present she ever received was an album of photos from the years she had spent with the family. Another nanny told us that “The most amazing and very much appreciated present is the way the families have been so kind and thankful and appreciative of my work together with the children’s sincere love are certainly the best gifts one can have. It has been a privilege to be part of their lives in very beautiful moments as well as sometimes challenging ones.”

Other gifts with a personal touch were a cup with the children’s handprints on and a personalised keyring with the children on it.

Nannies also said they would like something that shows the parents have listened to their likes and interests. “I love when the parents remember something I care about...I love it if it’s personal”. One happy nanny said she received “a Harry Potter notebook (I’m a big fan, it was very thoughtful)”. If you know your nanny has a specific hobby or interest it is well worth tailing your gift around that. If you aren’t sure, now is a great time to find out more about what your nanny likes.

Other popular gifts included gift cards, extra paid holiday days, flights home, theatre tickets, an iPhone, an all expenses paid holiday and a spa day.

What is clear is that nannies see Christmas as a chance for parents to show their nanny how much they appreciate them. This can be big, small or something really thoughtful. “I think it’s important because it actually tells you what your boss thinks of you and how much they appreciate you and all you have done”.

How about you give yourself the gift of a nanny for the winter break? If so, learn more at myTamarin or sign up with us today Happy holidays!

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