The 2019 Guide to nanny Christmas gifts and bonuses

Published: 19/12/2019

It’s that time of year again. You’re visiting Santa, decorating the tree, buying and wrapping gifts for family and friends and planning the perfect Christmas feast.

In all the chaos and excitement, please don’t forget about one of the most valuable members of your family – your nanny. A much-loved and needed member of your family, you may be wondering how to show them your appreciation for everything they do. You might, however, catch yourself wondering exactly what to get your nanny for Christmas.

We have polled over 100 nannies in and around London again this year to see what they received from their employers over the festive period last year and this year (although it’s still a little bit early for some) and what their best gift has been. This is what we found out…

About half of the nannies we polled received a gift or a bonus from their employers. However, first and foremost, nannies want to feel valued, heard and respected, so gifts and bonuses are of a secondary nature. One nanny told us, “The best gift I got from my family was good communication, understanding and care; although they also gave me some money too”.

It doesn’t necessarily take an expensive gift to show your appreciation – a personal note of thanks in a card, a box of chocolates, or a small symbolic gift of a personal nature that demonstrates how well you know your nanny, can be equally impactful. 

Gift vouchers or gift cards are still a popular choice among the nannies we polled this year and are suitable for all tastes and budgets. John Lewis gift cards are always a hit and more nannies are starting to mention experience gifts such as vouchers for a massage, a beauty treatment, or tickets for the theatre or a sporting event.

If you’re more comfortable with the idea of giving a physical gift, beauty products such as perfume or skincare and accessories (hats, scarfs and slippers) are on the list again this year, as well as jewellery and handbags. 

If you’re thinking of giving your nanny money as a gift, or an end of year bonus you may be wondering how much you should give.

15% of nannies we polled mentioned they received an end of year bonus and the amounts vary greatly – from £50 to £1000+, with some nannies reporting bonuses as high as £2000 and £3000. And one nanny said her bonus was a holiday in Ibiza!

At the end of the day, what really matters to nannies is that they are considered part of the family and feel valued and appreciated. No matter how you decide to do this during this festive period, it’s also important to think about small ways in which you can continue to show your appreciation throughout the year ahead. 

If you want to see how 2019 compared to 2018, check out The ultimate guide to nanny Christmas gifts and bonuses.

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