Everything you need to know about Nanny Insurance

Published: 01/07/2021

What is nanny insurance?

Nanny Insurance or Nanny Public Liability Insurance covers you in the event of an incident whilst the child is in your care. It would also cover legal costs and compensation if the nanny was to be found at fault.

Is nanny insurance worth it?

Nanny Insurance isn’t a legal requirement but it is becoming more common. It is a must for OFSTED registration and provides peace of mind to you and your employers.

What you’re agreeing to with nanny insurance

Each policy is different so it’s definitely worth reading the fine print. For most of the policies, the general premise is:

  • Nannies must be registered with Ofsted and meet the requirements of either the Early Years Register and/or the Childcare Register


Warrant that they:

  • Will keep any children you are looking after safe from harm
  • Will not use corporal punishment and make sure no-one caring for or living with children uses corporal punishment
  • Will manage children’s behaviour in a suitable manner
  • Will make sure no one consumes or is under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Have had and are able to evidence appropriate training in health and safety, safeguarding and first aid
  • Have a clean enhanced DBS check
  • Will make sure the premises and equipment are safe and suitable for the provision of childcare

Who pays for nanny insurance?

As the policy is for the nanny to be covered, it is usually the nanny that pays for the insurance. Employers who wish for their nanny to become OFSTED registered so they can use childcare vouchers may choose to pay for it but this is at their discretion. 

Regardless of who pays for it, the policy is in the nanny’s name and if they leave the employment, it can be taken with them. Also, the nanny themselves need to make the application. This also means that only the nanny can cancel the insurance too.

Will nanny insurance cover me if I go on holiday with the family?

Most providers cover a maximum of a 90 day trip outside the UK with 180 days travel all together however this can vary so it’s definitely worth reading the policy before agreeing to pay.

How much does nanny insurance cost?

The average cost for nanny insurance is around £70 per year. Factors affecting this are:

  • Experience
  • OFSTED registration
  • Previous claims
  • Location

Where can I get nanny insurance?

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