Expert advice for new mums and mums-to-be

Published: 31/03/2020

Becoming a new mum or preparing yourself as you approach the end of your pregnancy is incredibly exciting and rewarding, but it can also be terrifying, especially if it's your first time! Many expectant mums will have a support network of family, friends and doctors that they can lean on for advice and support, but with pregnant women and new mothers being advised to self-isolate for 12 weeks by the Government, it will be more difficult to access the help and education you may need. That’s why at myTamarin we’re putting together a free online course led by some of our top maternity nurses, sleep consultants and newborn experts to help you through these difficult times. 

Our CEO and mother of two, Zarja will be having an informal video chat with each of our experts on one of the topics below to tap into their knowledge and advice. And we’ll be sharing these recordings with you for free. 

As we release each topic over the coming weeks, we’ll also be asking for your input on questions you’d like to ask our experts, or any thoughts you’d like to share. Our first video is coming out in early April and we’ll be releasing a couple of videos each week. 

Topic 1: Birth

Zarja and our expert will discuss a range of the most common questions mums-to-be have when it comes to giving birth. They'll cover the different types of birth options available and the pros and cons of each. Birth can be a daunting prospect if it’s your first time (and probably even if it’s your second or third!) so they'll be talking about what types of pain relief are available and how to prepare yourself. They'll discuss the different types of birthing facilities, the benefits of public and private hospitals, and how you can make sure you pick the right option for you. They will also cover the basics of birth, from all the terminology you might hear and what it means, down to what you need to pack in your hospital bag in preparation. 

Topic 2: Feeding 

Breast or Bottle? A question that has been dividing mums for years! Zarja and our expert will take you through the pros and cons of both. They will also discuss the best approach to both so you can decide for yourself. They will cover how a baby’s needs change as they grow and the different types of feed they will need. Zarja will be asking questions about expressing milk and getting our Expert to recommend some of their favourite breast pump options. Most importantly, feeding is a vital bonding moment for mother and child that sometimes leaves dad left out. We’ll explain how both parents can get involved. 

Topic 3: Routine

Another divisive topic with no one right answer. Zarja will be discussing the most prominent current schools of thought when it comes to routine and our expert will share her impartial advice on each of them. We’ll cover the Gina Ford method, the Baby Whisperer and also Baby-Led routines and Zarja and our Expert will share their experiences on all of them. Whilst some form of routine is important, it can also be hard to balance your life around them, so they'll also discuss methods to be strict on yourself but also how to work some flexibility into the schedules. 

Topic 4: Relationships 

Having a baby is one of the biggest changes you will bring into your life. It will turn your home dynamic completely on its head and can present a real strain on your relationships. Our expert is here to share her advice on how a baby can impact parents’ relationships. She will be sharing her thoughts on a wide range of topics, from resolving issues and coping with sleep deprivation, to making sure the workload is split fairly between mum and dad. Zarja will also be asking her about how a baby can affect your older children and how to help them get used to the new dynamic. Most importantly, we’ll be discussing the best ways for everyone to make sure they stay mentally and physically healthy.

Topic 5: Exercise

We've teamed up with some of our favourite yoga and fitness instructors to record a range of online videos specifically for you mums and mums-to-be to be able to do in your own home to keep you in tip-top condition. 

To get access to our courses, all you need to do is fill in the short form here and leave us some contact details. 

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