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Empowering parents through personal(ity) touch. Whether you’re looking for a long-term maternity nurse or occasional night nanny, we’ve got you covered!

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Tired of agencies?
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Personality matching for night nannies and maternity nurses has never been used before, but it is extremely important because of the intimate nature of the job.

Personality is even more important than skillset when looking for outside help because skills can be learned, attitude can’t.

We all know one size does not fit all so why would you let just anyone take care of your pride and joy?

A well-rested baby who sleeps through the night it happier and more active
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myTamarin Way

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Personality based matchmaking

A ground-breaking matching approach based not only on skill-set, but also on your unique personality, parenting style, preferences, values and needs

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Word-of-mouth search made easy

A highly selected team of maternity nurses and night nannies that have been recommended by people we know and trust

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Simple and affordable pricing

No sign up fees, no upfront fees, no subscription fees, no hidden fees. The best part? Our fees are way below what an agency would charge you.

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Online convenience – coming soon

Find your match online, at any time – day or night!

Why get help with babies?

Early parenthood is incredibly rewarding, yet a very exhausting period. A trusted maternity nurse or night nanny will help you settle in and fully enjoy this moment in your baby’s life.

Getting outside support, so you can get some much-needed and well-deserved rest shouldn’t be considered a luxury:

  • Parents get rest and regain their strength and energy to really enjoy their baby during the day.
  • The baby gets a longer and better sleep too, which is incredibly important for their development.

MyTamarin will connect you with London’s most-loved and top-rated maternity nurses and night nannies who match your unique personality.

Night nanny help baby sleep peacefully

How it works - it’s simple

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Discover your unique parenting style

Have fun with our insightful quizzes that reveal your personality, parenting style, preferences, values and needs.

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Connect with your best matches

Get to know nurses who are highly recommended by parents like you. And who match with your personality!

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Book your perfect match

Discuss and agree on details with your maternity nurse or night nanny, take a deep breath, exhale and relax.